Monday, June 2, 2014

Vast & Unending

Creation Is Vast And Unending , The Human Mind Cannot Fathom Infinity. Anything & Everything Our Minds Can & Cannot Think Of Exist. As Souls We Travel Through Gods Infinite Realities Exploring Learning Growing & Creating. Where We Find Ourselves In This Moment Is One Such Reality But This Ones A Little Different. Unlike Most This Reality Happens To Be One Where The Soul Group Decided To Experiment With There Own Infinite Power. They Would Come With Memory Of There Spiritual Origins Completely Wiped Out. So Many Different Stories Exist On Why We Decided To Do So But I'll Leave That For Another Writing. Within This Existence Countless Worlds, Realities, Universes & Beings Exist, Advanced Beings Who Have A Complete Understanding Of The Source From Which They Sprung. The Societies Of These Beings Flourish For They Are Spiritual In Nature & Merge That Spirit With Technology In Fact Everything Is In AccordanceWith Nature.  Peace & Harmony Are The Main Focus Of These Societies & Taking Care Of The Balance Of The Planet They may Inhabit. Even Now My Mind Is Trying To Grasp How Vast Creation Is But It's Difficult To Picture Infinity When you Are One Of The Infinite Possibilities. We Have To Come To An Understanding That We Are Not Alone In Creation & Then We Will Be Able To Expand Our Awareness Of What We Wake Up To Everyday.  We Also Have To Be Careful Of What We Buy Into Since Creation Is Unending It Is Easy For Us To Fall Into Stories That May Not Resonate With Our Energy. I Say If This Writing Does Not Feel Right Stop Reading Now. Our Meet With These Beings Isn't Far Off Most Of These Society's Have Been Watching & Monitoring Our Progress. Since Separation Of Any Kind Is An Illusion We Are Destined To Understand The Fairytale Like Existence We Inhabit & You Are The Most Vital Part Of This For Without Your Awareness Of Existence What Would Be? Without A Reader What Would This Blog Be ? Nothing ! It Is The Forgetful Souls That Are Coming To Awareness Of Themselves Thus An Expansion Of All That Is. It Is Beyond Our Earthly Troubles These Things Can And WILL Be Changed Just By You Coming To Awareness Of Your True Self The Infinite Exploring Soul Who Has Forgotten The Truth Of Existence Within An Illusionary Environment.