Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Moment Of Peace

Every Single Moment Offers Peace Every Moment Offers A Blissful Feeling That Cannot Be Measured. This Feeling Or Experience is Always Present The Question is Are We? What Are You Thinking in This Moment ? Do You believe You Have Enough? Are You Worried About What May Happen As A Result Of The Lack of Whatever It Is you Crave? If We Could Look Past What Our Mind Is Telling Us We Would See Reality. This Moment You Find Yourself In Is True Reality Thoughts Of Past Or Future Occurrences Are All Mental Constructs & Are Illusions. That Peace & Bliss Are Found in This Moment Now Where Life Truly Exists. When The Mind Is Focused On Anything Other Than The Moment We Miss The Beauty Of Creation. We See Events Occur in Our Minds & Feel Emotions Behind Those Thoughts & Believe That It Will Manifest. Life Is Now Not Later Life Is You & I Life Is Experience Life Is Beyond Illusionary Boundaries Not Only In The Physical But Our Mental As Well. We Are Creators Of Our Personal Reality This Takes Conscious Awareness Moment To Moment Constant Awareness Of Our Thoughts, Feelings & Emotional State Knowing That These Are The Very Tools of Manifestation. This is Why the Energy Of Peace Is so Important If We Are Nervous, Fearful Or Impatient We Bring That Energy To All We Do. What Is Your Perception Of This Moment ? What Does It Offer ? What's Your Mission If You Believe You Have One. Do You Dream ? If So Are You Going After It ? I Ask You To Perceive Yourself As Limitless Within This Moment For Indeed You Are. Once You See Past Worldly Appearance You Will See That You Have Had A Plan All Along & That This Life Is Not Random & Peace Is Your Natural State. The Mysteries Of Creation Are The Mysteries Of Your Self For You Are The Truth Of Life You Are The Witness.      
 - MMT