Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Guides Of The Gods

You Are Never Alone, These Are Words That I Have heard Repeatedly Throughout My Awakening & Personally This Couldn't Be More True. In This Writing I Will Discuss Our Spirit Guides, Angels & Other Unseen Helpers. During Our Lifetime As Human Beings We Are Faced With Many Challenges & We Can Feel Alone Most Of the Time Even When Surrounded By Friends & Family.  So Much Occurs Within Our Lives & Without A Support System We Can Become Depressed & Shy Away From Life. What's So Beautiful About Our Existence Is That We Are Never Alone & Are Always Guided. With Us Are Countless Amounts Of Higher Dimensional Beings That Help & Guide Us Through Our Earthly Travels. These Beings Exist Beyond Time & Space & Have A Much Higher Perspective On The Divine Plan & our Place In It. Talk About Friends In High Places. Although It Is True That We Know All & Are Connected To All , Within The Earthly Experience We Made The Decision To Forget Our Divinity But We Didn't Come Without Great Help. Our True Existence Is in The Higher Vibratory Realities Where We Have Complete Understanding Of Our Divine Blueprint & Of Ourselves As All That Is. When We Decided That We Would Take On This Earthly Mission We Created A Plan Along Side Our Spiritual Family. Those That Remained Is The Spiritual Realms Would Be The Guides For Those Who Took On This Mission. If You Are Wondering What The Mission Is It Has Been For You Reading This To Do, Say, Feel , Think & Experience All That You Have Up Until This Moment. That May Not Sound Like Much Of A Mission But If You Take In Account Where We Are Truly "From" This Experience Takes A Truly Brave Soul. In All Of This We Have Been Guided Every Step Of The Way  By Unseen Forces.  For Even Now You Were Guided By Your Personal "Crew" "Counsel" Or " Team" To This Very Page To Read This Very Writing. Our Guides Communicate With Us Via Telepathy & Gives Us Guidance With Projects Healing Words & Any Situation We Can Think Of. Our Guides Are Constantly Trying To Get Our Attention Once We Take Notice We Are Able To Consciously Receive Help And Guidance For They Are Not Allowed To Impede On Our Freewill. These Guides Are Able To Help Us In Huge Ways There Energies Will Sooth & Heal Your Entire Being. These Guides Want Nothing More Than To See Our Dreams Come True This Is Why We Are Here. Our Angel Guides Love Each & Everyone Of Us With No Conditions If We Are In Need We Can Call Upon Them & They Will Be There. It Is Important That We Hold Positive Thoughts & Emotions When Dealing With Our Angels For They Merge With Our Energies amplifying The Results. Be At Peace For You Always Have & Always Will Be Guided To Your Highest Good!