Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home To Your Self

Fear not we have returned home to ourselves. Time has stood still and peace has taken over our senses. Allowing our minds to comprehend our inseparability is the goal of the now, this will allow space for higher perceptions and thus a manifestation of these perceptions. You are not alone and simultaneously always alone, this is our divine paradox. The witness is awakening to its divine essence & innocence, you're this witness welcome home to your self. Meditate often and have fun my soul. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Soul

Peace to you my soul, I wish to speak to you directly about your journey through physicality. You have been through so much up until this moment but this moment is where I wish for you to stay. My soul we have built a reality that supplies the sensation of separation , time & space but we know intuitively that we exist beyond these perceivable experiences. you have gained much wisdom in this lifetime, you have encountered situations & circumstances that have tested your faith in what you've been lead to believe about reality. All this has been by design, the outer world has been a mirror that when perceived correctly will direct you to your internal world. The plan was to experience situations that would make you question yourself , your beliefs & sense purpose. As a human it was natural to look "Out There" for all the answers, endowed with limit senses that only pick up a fraction of the information that is Life. Let down after let down, failure upon failure pushed us to the edges of darkness, what will it take for you to see me ? My soul I live in the books ! I have manifested as the people that populate your world & the situations that plague your mind. Now you see that we have lived as double, both the reader & the writer so why do you hide ? There is truly no where else to be but within me. - MoonManT (I Am presence)

The Return Of Paradise

It Is extremely important to understand the speed in which the golden age has & will continue to return. Since 2012 when the age of Aquarius began the shift in this earth reality has been swift, Dramatic & planet changing. The awareness of all human beings has raised to such a degree that the very structure of reality has changed. The new age Will bring a complete change in what we understand as everyday reality. New governance will be put in place to replace the old fear based systems, The banking systems Federal reserve & all things that have to do with currency will been completely reset. All Debt Will Be Forgiven and a distribution of the planets true wealth will be put into play immediately. It is time for us as human beings to stand up for our planet & we have the chance right here & right now. The energy that is currently coming into our planet & all it's inhabitants is the energy of the ALL these times will be trying but we are extremely powerful beings nothing will ever be able to change that. Those who read these words are the ones who are here to make a difference on this planet & in all of creation simply by becoming aware of who you are & why you are truly here. This is all divinely guided by forces that are not yet visible to us in this realm so hold no fear this is occurring regardless of anything that may try to interfere. Nothing can truly stop the divine will of god it's truly just made to look that way. Meditate as often as possible, drink much water, pray & be grateful for your time on the planet earth for in these moments history is being made beyond what we can comprehend. Our freedom is assured in the grand scheme of things so look beyond what you see & hear, know that all is perfect & a divine plan is underway this will keep you centered at peace & filled with joy. 

Until we speak again ,

                            Ascended Master MMT 

Update In The Now

Just The thought of making a lasting impression on the planet & all of life is eternal fuel. Making the intention to put my heart & soul into all that I do automatically changes the energetics of all that I interact with. The bliss that comes with understanding your divinity is breathtaking, the natural world comes alive once again & the world of spirit becomes a much more tangible experience. What a ride this has become traveling through my own awareness, at times afraid, confused & baffled, still the pure power of my awareness shows me that it's ALL me. 
    We continue to shift & transition, this is being mirrored in the old world of duality, as the energy rises conflict will seem to rise as well but this is only the old systems playing out their last days. Remember to stay grounded and close to nature, try seeing the bigger picture in all situations for this Will also help to keep you grounded. Revelations are coming in that can be shocking to the unaware among us, it is up to us to help ease the minds of those who are just beginning to awaken, continue to meditate, pray & all things that keep you centered. The energy that we generate when we meditate is very important, it helps to facilitate the shift so meditate as often as possible. 
   Try to stay away from mainstream media & look for alternative news sources, the news will only serve to misinform you as to what's truly going on. Remember that you are a natural being on the planet & you are free nothing & no one can change this, as I've said before our planet is going through an evolutionary process and her inhabitants are not separate from this, those who are not aware of this will not see the changes that have occurred just yet, the eyes can only see what the mind has been prepared for. Trust that a divine plan is underway & no matter what it is that you believe in we are here together & must face all the changes that way. 

Peace be to the world & Love everlasting 

- MMT 

The Ascension Of Your Soul

You are in truth already a master so know this first and foremost, your path of ascension is built into your being nothing else is truly needed. Meditation , much time in nature change in diet and old habits. Remember the ascension path is natural and inevitable in the knowing that this reality that you've created (Including Myself) is an illusion. The ascension is the amplification of your vibratory rate this includes the planet & all of creation Becuase again you are creation. Our human minds have been in what some would call a trance or hypnosis, self induced of course so I'll say this now to save you sweet souls the frustration, we have all individually as souls "signed" up for this experience of separation & duality & all that it comes with.  Do your best not to place blame on people, governments, banks, illuminati or whatever the ego wishes to blame outside of yourself. Remember you are the creator of this experience & who you really are is infinite & beyond what the body mind can perceive. Self reflection will serve to bring all the energy that you've spent validating the illusion you've built back to yourSelf, this way you are better able to feel truth without being bombarded with "outside" vibrations (Thoughts, Emotions, perceptions). Everything is energy and is a product of your BEing which is the same as saying, nothing would be without you, so ponder this and allow the energy to flow. The goal is to remember your divine heritage at one with the creator that you are. 

-'Master Moon 


At the age of 24 I can easily say that I've been through a lifetime of experiences. On the planet earth as it has been, age has been mistaken as wisdom & experience, but I assure you that human age has little to do with the timeless wisdom of the soul. I've realized through my reconnect & initiation of the soul that our mission has been a simple one, remember who we are in truth & live this truth with an incorruptible faith. Our oneness with nature & the universe as a whole must be detected by the human soul in order to perceive our everlasting beingness. From the outer waking state to the meditative to our sleep realm, we truly never stop being, doing & existing. We are essential to the universe, we are inseparable from the fabric of reality & we are waking to this fact. 
  At the age of "24" I have become what I have always been, The timeless ageless & omnipresent being that seems to be a human. A being that seems to be apart of the crowd but in truth is the Awakened Creator Of Matter. It is truth that every human is this ONE being & NOW Is the moment when the humans of earth will remember this & act on such revelations. At The Age Of 24 I found love deep within, hidden in the shadows of my heart & the depths of my mind, at 24 I found peace, in the silence of nature as the trees whispered the secretes of the stars. The blinding light of the human experience was to be no more as the everlasting truth of consciousness came to the forefront of my awareness. At the age of 24 I found the light of my very own awareness, this awareness that validates all of reality, this awareness that shines & is the reason for all that has ever been or will be. At the age of 24 I found God Looking out of the same eyes that had searched for god for a lifetime only to find that I'd  been searching for myself. 

- Master MMT

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Behold A New Earth

Did you know that the earth loves you with the heart of god, she created the vessel you wear in this lifetime so it's safe to say she knows what we need for healing. Beyond our personal drive for accomplishments we are here to heal ourselves & others so that we are able to embrace the greater community within the Multiverse. You are not alone ! Think of the earth like a human being she is ALIVE , aware & EXTREMLY intelligent she wishes to be loved and understood & when she is not she lashes out ! And what we call natural disastrous occur. She has so much life to her & such a loving spirit. Earth houses countless amounts of life ranging from bacteria life forms to the human intelligent form & all in betweens.The human beings have been experiencing themselves as somehow separate from the very entity that created it, how can this be so ? The Level of awareness within the collective of the human race has been very "low" for eons of time & we are NOW becoming far more aware of ourselves & our world than ever before. If you wish to strengthin your connection with your home world simply intend on it & the universal mind will create situations where you will be able to do so. Get out Into nature & feel the truth no one can feel it for you I assure you. What you are reading is a channel of the information that I have gathered from countless time in nature. The planet speaks through the medium of thought & when one is clear of mind chatter they can sense & hear the call of the great planet earth. Shhh listen.