Monday, April 25, 2016

Update In The Now

Just The thought of making a lasting impression on the planet & all of life is eternal fuel. Making the intention to put my heart & soul into all that I do automatically changes the energetics of all that I interact with. The bliss that comes with understanding your divinity is breathtaking, the natural world comes alive once again & the world of spirit becomes a much more tangible experience. What a ride this has become traveling through my own awareness, at times afraid, confused & baffled, still the pure power of my awareness shows me that it's ALL me. 
    We continue to shift & transition, this is being mirrored in the old world of duality, as the energy rises conflict will seem to rise as well but this is only the old systems playing out their last days. Remember to stay grounded and close to nature, try seeing the bigger picture in all situations for this Will also help to keep you grounded. Revelations are coming in that can be shocking to the unaware among us, it is up to us to help ease the minds of those who are just beginning to awaken, continue to meditate, pray & all things that keep you centered. The energy that we generate when we meditate is very important, it helps to facilitate the shift so meditate as often as possible. 
   Try to stay away from mainstream media & look for alternative news sources, the news will only serve to misinform you as to what's truly going on. Remember that you are a natural being on the planet & you are free nothing & no one can change this, as I've said before our planet is going through an evolutionary process and her inhabitants are not separate from this, those who are not aware of this will not see the changes that have occurred just yet, the eyes can only see what the mind has been prepared for. Trust that a divine plan is underway & no matter what it is that you believe in we are here together & must face all the changes that way. 

Peace be to the world & Love everlasting