Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ascension Of Your Soul

You are in truth already a master so know this first and foremost, your path of ascension is built into your being nothing else is truly needed. Meditation , much time in nature change in diet and old habits. Remember the ascension path is natural and inevitable in the knowing that this reality that you've created (Including Myself) is an illusion. The ascension is the amplification of your vibratory rate this includes the planet & all of creation Becuase again you are creation. Our human minds have been in what some would call a trance or hypnosis, self induced of course so I'll say this now to save you sweet souls the frustration, we have all individually as souls "signed" up for this experience of separation & duality & all that it comes with.  Do your best not to place blame on people, governments, banks, illuminati or whatever the ego wishes to blame outside of yourself. Remember you are the creator of this experience & who you really are is infinite & beyond what the body mind can perceive. Self reflection will serve to bring all the energy that you've spent validating the illusion you've built back to yourSelf, this way you are better able to feel truth without being bombarded with "outside" vibrations (Thoughts, Emotions, perceptions). Everything is energy and is a product of your BEing which is the same as saying, nothing would be without you, so ponder this and allow the energy to flow. The goal is to remember your divine heritage at one with the creator that you are. 

-'Master Moon