Monday, April 25, 2016


At the age of 24 I can easily say that I've been through a lifetime of experiences. On the planet earth as it has been, age has been mistaken as wisdom & experience, but I assure you that human age has little to do with the timeless wisdom of the soul. I've realized through my reconnect & initiation of the soul that our mission has been a simple one, remember who we are in truth & live this truth with an incorruptible faith. Our oneness with nature & the universe as a whole must be detected by the human soul in order to perceive our everlasting beingness. From the outer waking state to the meditative to our sleep realm, we truly never stop being, doing & existing. We are essential to the universe, we are inseparable from the fabric of reality & we are waking to this fact. 
  At the age of "24" I have become what I have always been, The timeless ageless & omnipresent being that seems to be a human. A being that seems to be apart of the crowd but in truth is the Awakened Creator Of Matter. It is truth that every human is this ONE being & NOW Is the moment when the humans of earth will remember this & act on such revelations. At The Age Of 24 I found love deep within, hidden in the shadows of my heart & the depths of my mind, at 24 I found peace, in the silence of nature as the trees whispered the secretes of the stars. The blinding light of the human experience was to be no more as the everlasting truth of consciousness came to the forefront of my awareness. At the age of 24 I found the light of my very own awareness, this awareness that validates all of reality, this awareness that shines & is the reason for all that has ever been or will be. At the age of 24 I found God Looking out of the same eyes that had searched for god for a lifetime only to find that I'd  been searching for myself. 

- Master MMT