Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Moment Of Peace

Every Single Moment Offers Peace Every Moment Offers A Blissful Feeling That Cannot Be Measured. This Feeling Or Experience is Always Present The Question is Are We? What Are You Thinking in This Moment ? Do You believe You Have Enough? Are You Worried About What May Happen As A Result Of The Lack of Whatever It Is you Crave? If We Could Look Past What Our Mind Is Telling Us We Would See Reality. This Moment You Find Yourself In Is True Reality Thoughts Of Past Or Future Occurrences Are All Mental Constructs & Are Illusions. That Peace & Bliss Are Found in This Moment Now Where Life Truly Exists. When The Mind Is Focused On Anything Other Than The Moment We Miss The Beauty Of Creation. We See Events Occur in Our Minds & Feel Emotions Behind Those Thoughts & Believe That It Will Manifest. Life Is Now Not Later Life Is You & I Life Is Experience Life Is Beyond Illusionary Boundaries Not Only In The Physical But Our Mental As Well. We Are Creators Of Our Personal Reality This Takes Conscious Awareness Moment To Moment Constant Awareness Of Our Thoughts, Feelings & Emotional State Knowing That These Are The Very Tools of Manifestation. This is Why the Energy Of Peace Is so Important If We Are Nervous, Fearful Or Impatient We Bring That Energy To All We Do. What Is Your Perception Of This Moment ? What Does It Offer ? What's Your Mission If You Believe You Have One. Do You Dream ? If So Are You Going After It ? I Ask You To Perceive Yourself As Limitless Within This Moment For Indeed You Are. Once You See Past Worldly Appearance You Will See That You Have Had A Plan All Along & That This Life Is Not Random & Peace Is Your Natural State. The Mysteries Of Creation Are The Mysteries Of Your Self For You Are The Truth Of Life You Are The Witness.      
 - MMT 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Guides Of The Gods

You Are Never Alone, These Are Words That I Have heard Repeatedly Throughout My Awakening & Personally This Couldn't Be More True. In This Writing I Will Discuss Our Spirit Guides, Angels & Other Unseen Helpers. During Our Lifetime As Human Beings We Are Faced With Many Challenges & We Can Feel Alone Most Of the Time Even When Surrounded By Friends & Family.  So Much Occurs Within Our Lives & Without A Support System We Can Become Depressed & Shy Away From Life. What's So Beautiful About Our Existence Is That We Are Never Alone & Are Always Guided. With Us Are Countless Amounts Of Higher Dimensional Beings That Help & Guide Us Through Our Earthly Travels. These Beings Exist Beyond Time & Space & Have A Much Higher Perspective On The Divine Plan & our Place In It. Talk About Friends In High Places. Although It Is True That We Know All & Are Connected To All , Within The Earthly Experience We Made The Decision To Forget Our Divinity But We Didn't Come Without Great Help. Our True Existence Is in The Higher Vibratory Realities Where We Have Complete Understanding Of Our Divine Blueprint & Of Ourselves As All That Is. When We Decided That We Would Take On This Earthly Mission We Created A Plan Along Side Our Spiritual Family. Those That Remained Is The Spiritual Realms Would Be The Guides For Those Who Took On This Mission. If You Are Wondering What The Mission Is It Has Been For You Reading This To Do, Say, Feel , Think & Experience All That You Have Up Until This Moment. That May Not Sound Like Much Of A Mission But If You Take In Account Where We Are Truly "From" This Experience Takes A Truly Brave Soul. In All Of This We Have Been Guided Every Step Of The Way  By Unseen Forces.  For Even Now You Were Guided By Your Personal "Crew" "Counsel" Or " Team" To This Very Page To Read This Very Writing. Our Guides Communicate With Us Via Telepathy & Gives Us Guidance With Projects Healing Words & Any Situation We Can Think Of. Our Guides Are Constantly Trying To Get Our Attention Once We Take Notice We Are Able To Consciously Receive Help And Guidance For They Are Not Allowed To Impede On Our Freewill. These Guides Are Able To Help Us In Huge Ways There Energies Will Sooth & Heal Your Entire Being. These Guides Want Nothing More Than To See Our Dreams Come True This Is Why We Are Here. Our Angel Guides Love Each & Everyone Of Us With No Conditions If We Are In Need We Can Call Upon Them & They Will Be There. It Is Important That We Hold Positive Thoughts & Emotions When Dealing With Our Angels For They Merge With Our Energies amplifying The Results. Be At Peace For You Always Have & Always Will Be Guided To Your Highest Good! 

- MMT 

It Is Time

The Traveling Souls Of The Earth Are Ready For The Next Stage In Evolution. It Will Not Only Be Evolution For The Human Race But Also For The Earth & All It's Inhabitants. These Are the Words Of A Man Who has Traveled To This New World Along Side Souls That Are Not Even Aware Of There Spiritual Heritage. A Solitary Road It Is Finding The True Being Beyond Body Consciousness. This evolutionary Leap Is Beyond What The Human Mind Can Imagine It Will Leave No Stone Unturned. This Is A Mass Awakening On All Scales From The Microscopic To The Macro In Every Corner Of The Earth To Every Reality In Existence. When A Being Becomes Aware That Nothing Would Exist Without There Awareness It Changes The Structure Of Reality Itself. The Overall Vibration Of The Planet Is Increasing Steadily Which means That All Of The Planets Inhabitants Most Raise There Vibration As Well. At A Soul level Everyone Is Where They Need To Be So Worry Not If You Don't Perceive Or Understand What Is Taking Place For In Time You Will. The Steady Increase In Vibration Will Become A Challenge For Beings Who Live In & Are Exposed To Lower Vibrations. As The Planet Raises All Souls Must Raise The Vibration Of There Vehicle If Not The Body Will Not Be Able To Withstand The Non Stop Increase In Energy & Thus They Will Have To Drop The Body & Ascend Into Heaven By Other Means. Do Not Fear For We Are Not Our Bodies & We Can Inhabit Any Body We Wish To But For Now We Are Bound To These Bodies For This Earthly Mission. The Energy Increase Will Continue It Will Not Stop, This Planet Has Never Before Seen Or Felt The Energy That Is Here & Now. I'd Like To Personally Thank All Beings That have Been Here In Physical Form Working For The light. These Beings Have Gone Through The Shift Consciously & Have Traveled Through The Dimensions In Order To " Hold The Light" For The Rest Of Humanity. I'd Also Like To Thank The Higher Dimensional Beings That Are And Have Always Been Right Beside Us Making Sure That The Divine Plan Is Made Manifest. Our Destiny Is Like No Other The Societal Structure Is To Be Broken Down We Are Beginning To See With Our Eyes A Complete Change In Our Reality. Do As You Are Guided To Do Stay Strong & Keep the Faith All Is Working Out In Divine Timing & Though You Have Heard This Plenty Of Times Now More Than Ever This Should Be Applied. Get Out Into Nature As Often As Possible, Be Creative & Have Fun. Fill Your Self With Love & Joy Do Things That Make You Happy & Stay There. We Are Truly In The Times Of Instant Manifestation Be It Of A Lower Or Higher Vibration Be At Peace & Know All Is Well The Time Has Come Where Oneness Will Become Apparent In All Of Our Everyday Lives . Help Others Who Are Not Aware But Are Feeling That Something Is Happening Within & Around Them For Those Who Do Not Believe In The Unseen Will Not Understand What Is Taking Place. Be The Light Where You Are Show The Love Of The Creator & In Every Interaction Shine Your Light ! 

It Is About That Time 

- MMT             

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's In The Air Pt. 1

Telepathy It's In The Air ! There Is No Hiding From Yourself Let Me Explain. Recently I've Gotten Some Major Inspiration From Interactions I've Had With Some Amazing Souls. Conversations Would Occur & I'd Observe, Something Would Be Said & Immediately I Would Feel An Energy In My Body Followed By A Variety Of Responses In My Mind. Who Ever Was First To Respond Would Say An Exact Repeat Of What Was Said In My Mind. I Smile And Continue To Observe The Conversation. The Vibration Of The Response Doesn't Matter Lower Or Higher It's Out There & We Can Sense It ! I've Said Before That Everything Is A Vibration Of Energy & We Project Out Into "The World" What We Think & Feel Thus Communicating With One Another Without Speaking. You've Felt It I'm Sure Of It ! Have You Ever Said Something In Your Mind & Immediately Someone Repeats The Same Exact Thing ?  Our Inter connectedness Is Mind Blowing But We Shrug It Off As If It's Nothing. We Are Beyond The Labels We Project Onto One Another We Are All Human Beings & Can Feel Hear Sense & Predict What Signals Others Are Sending Out. Your True Feelings Can Be Masked By Your Words But They Can Not Hide From Truth! The Truth That We Are The Same Species & Know One Another Far More Than We Believe. We See Ourselves As Individuals & That Is Truth But At A Deep Level We Are Connected By An Unseen Force. It's All In The Air You Just Have To Attune Your Body To Receive Clear Signals.

- MMT 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Meditator

Meditation is the most profound experience that I've ever had as a human being. I was first introduced to meditation by my brother GP he told me I should try it so I did. As he put on a guided meditation I closed my eyes without truly understanding what I was in store for. After about a half hour I opened my eyes to see my brother standing with that same old smile & he asked "how was it" ? My body was tingling my mind felt as If I just lest a dream I replied "amazing" from that point on I dedicated my life to meditation. I have meditated for countless hours and the effects are beyond words. Meditation has exposed the illusionary nature of thought and emotion. As I sit in meditation & become the observer of my thoughts & emotions I began to realize that these thoughts & emotions came & went freely as If it came from thin air. I began to go so deep within myself it felt as if I was losing myself I felt detached from the going on's in life I felt a stronger connection with life It's self. In meditation we get a glimpse of the higher vibrations of existence this is where our true being resides our higher or soul self. This being knows all sees all & has experienced all that ever was or will be. Meditation has helped me remember that this human life Is ONE such experience that myself as a Soul Is Having. 
  When In Meditation You are channeling the energy From these higher realms where you truly exist into this realm. It is your duty to bring that energy to this realm & channel It Into uplifting & positive things for humanity's progression things such as art, music, inventions, ideas so on & on. Remember meditation helps to strengthen your connection with your higher self thus becoming that higher self In human form ! How amazing.  Meditation is a gift... A gift beyond what you can buy with paper money. The perceptions, perspectives & out looks that you channel from meditation are mind blowing because they come from a being (You) that is beyond space & time & has experienced everything that IS or will be your point of view becomes literally out of this world. Since this being that you continue to visit is beyond this reality the more you visit the more you intuitively know what to do where to go & how to go about your earthly travels so that you can be A shining example of what a soul truly is In this "physical" world. You begin to feel & know that you are guided & protected even when your outer world Is screaming otherwise for you know that the world is a reflection of the human beings "seeming" disconnection from the souls they are. Also if this being knows all sees & has done all then i'm sure it designed events so that It would eventually return to that awareness. 

- MMT 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heroes In The Mirror

The Veiwer Of The Reality Rarley Equates Themselves With Being The Reason Their Is Reality. On My Path I Have Come To Understand That Nothing Would Be With Out My Awareness Of It. This Unbelievable Realization Has Come From Countless Hours Of Meditation, Countless Hours With Nature, My Study Of Quantum Physics, Channeling Higher Beings & Much Much More. For Reality As We Know It To Exist There Must Be A Viewer, You Reading This Are That Very Viewer. Within The Awareness Of This Viewer (You) Is An Endless Sea Of Energy, That Energy Is Being Decoded By Your Body Vehicle Into Seemingly Physical Objects, My Other Writings Will Explain This Well So Ill Keep It Simple. You Veiw The World , You Are The Only One That Does. You See Other Ppl Veiwing The World But YOU The Veiwer Validates Their Existence. So Who Views The Veiwer  ?? & Who Is Writing This ?? This Is When The Idea Of Oneness Comes Into Play. I Believe We Are All The Same Being Having An Experince Simultaneously, Every "Story" Matches Each Other Becuase Every Being Is Of The Same Energetic Source. The World You See Is A Reflection Of What You Think & Feel It Is. If We Begin To Lable That Energy As Anything Other Than Energy It Becomes Distorted. We Have Names That Bind Us To Stories & Other Beings Who Know That Story & Continue To Perpetuate It, We Also Perpetuate The Story Believe That It Holds Value & We Play That Role , It Is Just A Role Just A Name. I Believe That The Reader Of This Blog Is The Source Of All Things & Has Sent Another Part Of Itself To Help Remind Them That This Has All Been A Game & At The End Of This Game The Hero Will Be In The  Mirror 

- MMT 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sleepy Head - Pt.1

"You Believe You Are A Human & You Wish To Follow Your Dreams But You Are A Soul & This Is The Dream" - MMT . I Recently Wrote About The Higher Vibratory Realities & The Fact that We Have Been Living in The lower Vibrational energies of Experince.So what Would These Higher Realites look like ? Well You Already Know you spend most of your human life visiting these higher worlds. When you sleep your spirit continues to travel & when you "wake up" you have memory of being in very strange places we call it dreams ! But what are dreams ? Do they have meaning ? & Why do they feel so real ? I'll Tell You Why. When You "Dream" Your Spirit is traveling thourgh these higher vibrations of Experince. We Are Not Our Bodies we are spirit but since we inhabit bodies and are completely identified with them we misunderstand these beautiful realms of unimaginable power. These Realms Are Of Extremely high vibration which means that the energy is instantly molded into what the source of that energy "dictates"(I Don't Really Like That Word) Either Way This Has Huge Implications ! It Means As we sleep we are exploring the Higher realms of love The Spirit Realm, The Astral Realm , 5th Dimension & higher. But What Really Keeps Me Pushing To Understand What We Are Truly Living In is The Fact That We Are Able To Raise Our Personal Vibration As A Physical Being to reach these higher realms Embodied on Earth !