Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sleepy Head - Pt.1

"You Believe You Are A Human & You Wish To Follow Your Dreams But You Are A Soul & This Is The Dream" - MMT . I Recently Wrote About The Higher Vibratory Realities & The Fact that We Have Been Living in The lower Vibrational energies of Experince.So what Would These Higher Realites look like ? Well You Already Know you spend most of your human life visiting these higher worlds. When you sleep your spirit continues to travel & when you "wake up" you have memory of being in very strange places we call it dreams ! But what are dreams ? Do they have meaning ? & Why do they feel so real ? I'll Tell You Why. When You "Dream" Your Spirit is traveling thourgh these higher vibrations of Experince. We Are Not Our Bodies we are spirit but since we inhabit bodies and are completely identified with them we misunderstand these beautiful realms of unimaginable power. These Realms Are Of Extremely high vibration which means that the energy is instantly molded into what the source of that energy "dictates"(I Don't Really Like That Word) Either Way This Has Huge Implications ! It Means As we sleep we are exploring the Higher realms of love The Spirit Realm, The Astral Realm , 5th Dimension & higher. But What Really Keeps Me Pushing To Understand What We Are Truly Living In is The Fact That We Are Able To Raise Our Personal Vibration As A Physical Being to reach these higher realms Embodied on Earth !