Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heroes In The Mirror

The Veiwer Of The Reality Rarley Equates Themselves With Being The Reason Their Is Reality. On My Path I Have Come To Understand That Nothing Would Be With Out My Awareness Of It. This Unbelievable Realization Has Come From Countless Hours Of Meditation, Countless Hours With Nature, My Study Of Quantum Physics, Channeling Higher Beings & Much Much More. For Reality As We Know It To Exist There Must Be A Viewer, You Reading This Are That Very Viewer. Within The Awareness Of This Viewer (You) Is An Endless Sea Of Energy, That Energy Is Being Decoded By Your Body Vehicle Into Seemingly Physical Objects, My Other Writings Will Explain This Well So Ill Keep It Simple. You Veiw The World , You Are The Only One That Does. You See Other Ppl Veiwing The World But YOU The Veiwer Validates Their Existence. So Who Views The Veiwer  ?? & Who Is Writing This ?? This Is When The Idea Of Oneness Comes Into Play. I Believe We Are All The Same Being Having An Experince Simultaneously, Every "Story" Matches Each Other Becuase Every Being Is Of The Same Energetic Source. The World You See Is A Reflection Of What You Think & Feel It Is. If We Begin To Lable That Energy As Anything Other Than Energy It Becomes Distorted. We Have Names That Bind Us To Stories & Other Beings Who Know That Story & Continue To Perpetuate It, We Also Perpetuate The Story Believe That It Holds Value & We Play That Role , It Is Just A Role Just A Name. I Believe That The Reader Of This Blog Is The Source Of All Things & Has Sent Another Part Of Itself To Help Remind Them That This Has All Been A Game & At The End Of This Game The Hero Will Be In The  Mirror