Thursday, May 29, 2014

It Is Time

The Traveling Souls Of The Earth Are Ready For The Next Stage In Evolution. It Will Not Only Be Evolution For The Human Race But Also For The Earth & All It's Inhabitants. These Are the Words Of A Man Who has Traveled To This New World Along Side Souls That Are Not Even Aware Of There Spiritual Heritage. A Solitary Road It Is Finding The True Being Beyond Body Consciousness. This evolutionary Leap Is Beyond What The Human Mind Can Imagine It Will Leave No Stone Unturned. This Is A Mass Awakening On All Scales From The Microscopic To The Macro In Every Corner Of The Earth To Every Reality In Existence. When A Being Becomes Aware That Nothing Would Exist Without There Awareness It Changes The Structure Of Reality Itself. The Overall Vibration Of The Planet Is Increasing Steadily Which means That All Of The Planets Inhabitants Most Raise There Vibration As Well. At A Soul level Everyone Is Where They Need To Be So Worry Not If You Don't Perceive Or Understand What Is Taking Place For In Time You Will. The Steady Increase In Vibration Will Become A Challenge For Beings Who Live In & Are Exposed To Lower Vibrations. As The Planet Raises All Souls Must Raise The Vibration Of There Vehicle If Not The Body Will Not Be Able To Withstand The Non Stop Increase In Energy & Thus They Will Have To Drop The Body & Ascend Into Heaven By Other Means. Do Not Fear For We Are Not Our Bodies & We Can Inhabit Any Body We Wish To But For Now We Are Bound To These Bodies For This Earthly Mission. The Energy Increase Will Continue It Will Not Stop, This Planet Has Never Before Seen Or Felt The Energy That Is Here & Now. I'd Like To Personally Thank All Beings That have Been Here In Physical Form Working For The light. These Beings Have Gone Through The Shift Consciously & Have Traveled Through The Dimensions In Order To " Hold The Light" For The Rest Of Humanity. I'd Also Like To Thank The Higher Dimensional Beings That Are And Have Always Been Right Beside Us Making Sure That The Divine Plan Is Made Manifest. Our Destiny Is Like No Other The Societal Structure Is To Be Broken Down We Are Beginning To See With Our Eyes A Complete Change In Our Reality. Do As You Are Guided To Do Stay Strong & Keep the Faith All Is Working Out In Divine Timing & Though You Have Heard This Plenty Of Times Now More Than Ever This Should Be Applied. Get Out Into Nature As Often As Possible, Be Creative & Have Fun. Fill Your Self With Love & Joy Do Things That Make You Happy & Stay There. We Are Truly In The Times Of Instant Manifestation Be It Of A Lower Or Higher Vibration Be At Peace & Know All Is Well The Time Has Come Where Oneness Will Become Apparent In All Of Our Everyday Lives . Help Others Who Are Not Aware But Are Feeling That Something Is Happening Within & Around Them For Those Who Do Not Believe In The Unseen Will Not Understand What Is Taking Place. Be The Light Where You Are Show The Love Of The Creator & In Every Interaction Shine Your Light ! 

It Is About That Time