Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's In The Air Pt. 1

Telepathy It's In The Air ! There Is No Hiding From Yourself Let Me Explain. Recently I've Gotten Some Major Inspiration From Interactions I've Had With Some Amazing Souls. Conversations Would Occur & I'd Observe, Something Would Be Said & Immediately I Would Feel An Energy In My Body Followed By A Variety Of Responses In My Mind. Who Ever Was First To Respond Would Say An Exact Repeat Of What Was Said In My Mind. I Smile And Continue To Observe The Conversation. The Vibration Of The Response Doesn't Matter Lower Or Higher It's Out There & We Can Sense It ! I've Said Before That Everything Is A Vibration Of Energy & We Project Out Into "The World" What We Think & Feel Thus Communicating With One Another Without Speaking. You've Felt It I'm Sure Of It ! Have You Ever Said Something In Your Mind & Immediately Someone Repeats The Same Exact Thing ?  Our Inter connectedness Is Mind Blowing But We Shrug It Off As If It's Nothing. We Are Beyond The Labels We Project Onto One Another We Are All Human Beings & Can Feel Hear Sense & Predict What Signals Others Are Sending Out. Your True Feelings Can Be Masked By Your Words But They Can Not Hide From Truth! The Truth That We Are The Same Species & Know One Another Far More Than We Believe. We See Ourselves As Individuals & That Is Truth But At A Deep Level We Are Connected By An Unseen Force. It's All In The Air You Just Have To Attune Your Body To Receive Clear Signals.