Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Meditator

Meditation is the most profound experience that I've ever had as a human being. I was first introduced to meditation by my brother GP he told me I should try it so I did. As he put on a guided meditation I closed my eyes without truly understanding what I was in store for. After about a half hour I opened my eyes to see my brother standing with that same old smile & he asked "how was it" ? My body was tingling my mind felt as If I just lest a dream I replied "amazing" from that point on I dedicated my life to meditation. I have meditated for countless hours and the effects are beyond words. Meditation has exposed the illusionary nature of thought and emotion. As I sit in meditation & become the observer of my thoughts & emotions I began to realize that these thoughts & emotions came & went freely as If it came from thin air. I began to go so deep within myself it felt as if I was losing myself I felt detached from the going on's in life I felt a stronger connection with life It's self. In meditation we get a glimpse of the higher vibrations of existence this is where our true being resides our higher or soul self. This being knows all sees all & has experienced all that ever was or will be. Meditation has helped me remember that this human life Is ONE such experience that myself as a Soul Is Having. 
  When In Meditation You are channeling the energy From these higher realms where you truly exist into this realm. It is your duty to bring that energy to this realm & channel It Into uplifting & positive things for humanity's progression things such as art, music, inventions, ideas so on & on. Remember meditation helps to strengthen your connection with your higher self thus becoming that higher self In human form ! How amazing.  Meditation is a gift... A gift beyond what you can buy with paper money. The perceptions, perspectives & out looks that you channel from meditation are mind blowing because they come from a being (You) that is beyond space & time & has experienced everything that IS or will be your point of view becomes literally out of this world. Since this being that you continue to visit is beyond this reality the more you visit the more you intuitively know what to do where to go & how to go about your earthly travels so that you can be A shining example of what a soul truly is In this "physical" world. You begin to feel & know that you are guided & protected even when your outer world Is screaming otherwise for you know that the world is a reflection of the human beings "seeming" disconnection from the souls they are. Also if this being knows all sees & has done all then i'm sure it designed events so that It would eventually return to that awareness.