Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fall Away

In A Great Gaze I Watch The Beautiful Mountains, I've Seen Them Plenty Of Times But It Is As If It Is New For Me. I Watch The People Going About The day, I've Also Seen This Many Times & Again It is Brand New For Me. To View The World With New Eyes Is the Greatest Gift you Can Give Yourself To View The Life On The Planet With Love & Compassion Gives You A Feeling Of Freedom, Freedom from Judgement Of Others & Yourself. By Allowing Things To Be Exactly As They Are & Bringing that Energy Of Acceptance To Every Situation You Make Room For People To Show The true Colors They Hold Within. When You Have No Need To Change The Outside World You Allow Yourself To Use Your Energy For All That You Wish To See In Your World, You Are no longer Worried About What Others May Think About Your Life Because You Know That Other Exist With You & Your life Will Be Viewed & Judge Regardless Of What You Do.  All The Illusions Fall Away Nothing Outside Of You Can Effect The Peace That Is Eternally Present. Your Life Is Your Message & Once You Allow The Illusions Of Others To Fall Away From Your Awareness A Freedom Returns & You Are Able To See Life From A Higher Perspective Much Higher Than One Who Allows Themselves To Be Influenced By The Negativity Of Others. This Is When The Leader Emerges Far Removed From The Masses Who Follow One Another & Question Nothing That Is Presented To There Awareness. These Brave Leaders Are Often Ridiculed And Made Fun Of For The View They Hold About Life. It Bothers The Leaders Not Because No Fear Is Present For they Are Backed By Truth & Truth Needs No Defense.   

-Ascended Master MMT 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Path Of Ascension

As You Dig Deep Within Yourself What You Will Find Has Been Waiting For You Ever Since Your Birth IntoThis World. What You Will Find Is Your Very Self, An Innocent Being Of Pure Awareness , Unimaginable Creativity & Power Beyond The Being You Believed Yourself To Be. This Being Resides Within All Beings that Exist Controls & Regulates All That IS. To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Unconditional Love Within You One Must Go Beyond The World That You Grew To Know. The Mind Must Be Clear So That You Can Hear & Feel The Presence That Is Life It Self, In This Space You Will Recognize That Only One Life Exists With Multiple Beings Experiencing The One Life That Is. So Many Amazing Revelations Will Flow To & Through You Things That Will Take You On An Inward Adventure That The Physical World Cannot Compare To. You Will Discover The Inseparable Nature Of Life & The One Who Experiences Life You Will Begin To Go Beyond Body Consciousness All To Realize That You Are Consciousness Itself. The Stories Of Existence Is The Story Of Your Very Being For Without You The Witness Nothing Would Be. As The Revelations Flow In One Must Stay Grounded To The Planet They Inhabit , One Must Keep Very Close Ties To Nature & All It's Inhabitants. The Knowledge Of The Self Is Very Intense  Energetically & For One Who Is Not Grounded The Story Of Separation Can Creep In & Knock You Off Balance. The Road To Self Is A Solitary One , For The Seeker Is Surrounded By Other Parts Of Life That Perpetuate A Separate Story. Strength ,Honor , Courage & Dignity Are A Few Traits Of The Dedicated Seeker For They Know The Call Is Above & Beyond Everyday Struggles & Troubles A Reality That Is Pure Spirt Is Underlying It All. The Seeker Innerstands That The Search For A Hero Has Stopped With Them They Know That As They Grow So Does The Rest Of Life & The Illusion Of Separation Disappears 

- The Ascended Master MMT 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reprograming Pt. 1

Our Minds Have been Bombarded With Information Since The Day We Were Born, For A Growing Human Being It is Extremely Easy To Be Influenced By What You Are Exposed To. I Observe The Children As They Completely Mirror The Influences That Are Around Them. This Observation Has Gotten Me To Question All That I have Been Told In my Life From The Information, The People , Places Things & All That Has Come From These Things. Generation After Generation Ways Of being Are Passed Down With little To No Questioning Of What Is Being Handed To Us. This is A Literal Programing That Continues To Be Played Over & Over Again. We Learn About Society , How To Fit in To It The Structures & What Roles They Play As Well As The Role We Supposedly Play. These Are All Illusions A Kind Of Robotic Programing. If One Is Not Aware Of This They Can Easily Fall Into Any Influence That Presents It Self. A Reprograming Is Needed So That We May Think For Ourselves & Use Our Inner World To Take In Or Discard Any Information. We Have To Change Our Ways Of Thinking & Stop Perpetuating The Same Cycles We Were Taught.  We Cannot Continue To Follow These Things So Blindly We Have The Ability To Think For Ourselves , To Experience Life Learn & Grow From Those Very Experiences. It is When We Ignore Our Inner Thoughts & Look For Answers From The Outside World That We Feel Lost, Confused & Frustrated. Our Thought Process Is Hardly our Own We Are So Influenced On How To live Life That It Can Feel As If We Have Absolutely No Control & If One Does Not Have Control Of What They Think They Will Not Have Control Of There Lives. Thoughts That We Continuously Think Replay In our Minds Day In & Day Out Effecting How We Perceive & React To Life's Inevitable Happenings. If Only We Could Change Our Thoughts We Would Change All That We Come Into Contact With How We React & Approach Life.  A Reprograming Is In Order. 

- MMT 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


We Are Currently In the Moments Where We Realize That Being A Human Is Not Just A Regular Day To Day Thing. If You View Nature Closely You Will See the Extreme Diversity In Every Place You May Go Looking. The Massive Amount Of Life That Inhabits This Planet Is Living Proof That The Soul Experiences An Unimaginable Amount Entities. The Energy That We Have Invested In The Human Story Is Swiftly Changing And Transitioning This Is To Say That We Are Beginning To value Not Only Being Able To Experience Being Human But Also Existing Along Side Some Amazing Creatures. This Realization Is Key To Our Spiritual Growth For It Will Allow Us To View The Story Of Creation From A None Human Perspective.

- MMT     

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update In The NOW Heaven On Earth

The Realities & Worlds That I Have Been Able To Visit During Meditation  Has Shown Me The Great Disconnect That My Human Family Has Decided To Endure. These Realities Are Filled With Love, Light , Harmony & An Overall Understanding Of Our Oneness. I Sit & Observe The Actions Of My Human Family In Comparison To The Realities I've Visited & See It Is Our Disconnect From Our Home Planet That Has taken Our Minds For A Momentary Spin. These Other Worlds/Realities Are mirrors Of What Our Planet Can & Will Become I Am Lovingly Shown The Potential Of The Human Species & Our Evolution. Our Origins Are in Spirit Full Potential & Understanding Of Our Mission Upon This Planet & In This Particular Universe.  From What I've Personally Experienced All Of Creation Is In Attendance As Not Only The Human Race Awakens But The Whole Entire Planet & Universe.  We Are So loved And Guided In Every Moment As We Continue This Divine & Unbelievable Mission Of Ascension. These Beings Are Not In Higher Positions Than We Are For We Are One & Equally Important In This Divine Plan So I Stress Do Not See Any Being As Higher Or lower Than You We Are All The Same Source Equal In loves Name. As The Information Of Our Evolution Continues To Surface This Reality Will Continue To Shift This Is Inevitable & Can Not Be Stopped, Energy/Information Is Being Channeled Into The Planet By The First Wave Of Ascended Beings & Those That Are Following Suit. As The Energy Or Vibration Of The Planet Increases So Does The Need For Every Inhabitant On The Planet To Do The Same. Everything Is Energy & We Have The Chance To Either Raise Or Lower Our Energy In Every Moment. The Foods We Eat The Thoughts We Think The Actions We Take & Conversations We Engage In ALL Of This Is Energy. The Planet Is Calling for Us To Raise Our Vibration In love Seeing How Love Is The Highest Of All Energy. This Planet Has Not Been Exposed To This Type Of Energy In Eons Which Explains Our Limited Conscious Understanding. As I Said Before If We Aren't Exposed To Higher Energy We Won't Receive Higher Knowing. Time Is Continuing To Speed Up Seeing how Time How Time Is An Illusion Of The 3rd Dimension, For Those That Work Hard & Are Still Time Oriented These Times May Be Extremely Stressful & Demanding. I Say Be At Peace As Much As You Can Trust Your Intuition For It Is Guidance From You Higher Self.  So much Will Transpire In This Moment Of Awakening Lies ,Corruption & So Much More Will Continue To Be Exposed All Of This Is To Occur Now. In All This A Paradise Awaits As We Graduate From Our Earthly Travels As We Know it Create Our Personal Heaven On Earth & Show The Rest Of Creation What It Truly Means To Be A Human Being. 

- MMT 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Cycle Of Death (Graduation)

As Human Beings We Often Fear Death, It Is Our Fear Of The Unknown That Troubles Us.  There Is No Way Of Telling When Our Time To Pass On Will Be. We Believe We Have No Clue Of What Happens When We Finally Do Go. Death Is The Passage To A New Dimension & The Graduation of The Soul From Its Earthly Travel. We Believe We Are Our Bodies And Cling To Them We Also Cling To The Illusion That If We Lose Our Bodies We Wont Exist Any Longer. We Are Energy & Energy Never Dies It Transforms It Evolves It Expands. It Is Our Mission On Earth To Make An Impact On All That We Come Into Contact With, I Am not Saying What the Impact Is Positive Or Negative No Labels Exist Within The Divine Plan We Are To Do All That We have Done Up Until This Moment. We Must Appreciate Every Moment Of This Life Every Single Person That We See No Matter What Our Illusionary Differences Are. Life Is Short Compared To Eternity & Eternal Is What We Are. Tell The People In Your life You love & Cherish Them Be The Love In Every Moment. Death Is A Dropping Of The Body & Releasing Of Your Spirit Your True Form The Infinite Being Beyond The Body And Beyond This Reality.

Fly In Peace Jimmy Mack 

- MMT 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Beyond Sense Perception

Our Perception of Reality Is Based On Our Senses What We See,Taste, Hear & Feel But A Reality Exists Underneath What Our senses Dictate. Our Body Resonates With The Frequency Of this Reality In Order For Us As Souls To Interact With It.  Our True Essence Is What This Reality Is Made Of A Non Material Non local Entity That Is Able To Create Within Itself & Experience That Which It Has Created. An Energetic Reality Underneath The Physical Is What Governs All Life & All Creation. We See Buildings , Cars ,People , Places & Things But Again That's What Our Senses Are Telling Us But In Truth These Things Are Energy Or Information If You Will. The Bodies We Inhabit Decode This Energy Or Information Into What We See As A Car Or The Sound Of A Train. The Vibration Of The Viewer Will Determine What Can Be Decoded & How What's Decoded Is Perceived. All In All We Do Not See What Is Truly Around Us Only What Our Bodies Allows Us To Decode Out Of The Infinite Energy & Information Available, The More You Raise Your Personal Vibration The More You Are Able To Decode Thus Enhancing Your Overall Experience.  There Has Been A Pull In life That Called My Name , The Feelings Were There But None Of The Structures Of Society Confirmed What I Had Felt. I knew That Something More Existed In The World Around Me. This Is The unseen World Of Spirit / Energy Or Infinite Potential That Us In The Physical Return To After Death & WhenWe Sleep. What's So Beautiful About These Moments In human History Is That We Are Returning To This World In our Physical Bodies Imagine That ! Full Potential & Creation once Again At Our Finger Tips.

- MMT 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If The Feelings Right

We Know When Something feels Right & When It's The Complete Opposite. As We Go Through Life We Tend To Use Our Minds To Make Decisions, Solve Problems So On & On. I Strongly Believe That It Is Not The Mind Which Knows The Answer To Our Perceived Problems It is Our Heart. If We Were To Feel Our Way Through Life We Would Live A Whole Different Life Style. Think About The Times When You Felt Something Was Wrong But Your Mind Justifies It And You Engage Anyway. For Example You Were Invited To A Party, Your Heart Gives Your Body A Feeling That You Don't Quite Understand With Your Mind But You Know Something Doesn't Feel Right. As You Weigh Your Options Your Mind Will Try And Convince You Nothing's Wrong & That you Should Attend This Gathering Despite The feeling You've Gotten. When You Attend The Party Something Happens That Confirms The Feeling That You Had Previously. You Knew Within Your Heart It Was Wrong But The Mind Steps In & Dictates What Moves You make. Our Heart Is The Key to our Intuition. Our Heart Knows Our Strongest Desires & Our  Deepest Despair. The Heart Knows The Oneness Of All Life & Can Lead You To All That You Have Ever Wished To Experience. The Mind Cannot Fathom Oneness It Runs Based On What Is Seen & What The Perceived Facts Are. The Mind Sees Only Separation It's Information Coming From The Realm Of The Senses. The Heart is Based In The Unseen The Heart Communicates With The Stuff This World Is Made Of. We know The Feelings We Get From The Heart Most Of Us Ignore These Feelings Claiming That Nothing Confirms These Feelings So Nothing Is Backing Them. Believing Is Seeing And To Believe In The Heart Is To Believe In A Unseen Force That Prompts Us To Serve One Another, Connect , Grow & Build With One Another While The Mind Sees Separation & Competition. If Only We Followed Our Hearts We Would For Sure See A Heart Filled Planet And Make This Earth Proud Of The Only Species That Can Make Sense Of All Of This. 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Vast & Unending

Creation Is Vast And Unending , The Human Mind Cannot Fathom Infinity. Anything & Everything Our Minds Can & Cannot Think Of Exist. As Souls We Travel Through Gods Infinite Realities Exploring Learning Growing & Creating. Where We Find Ourselves In This Moment Is One Such Reality But This Ones A Little Different. Unlike Most This Reality Happens To Be One Where The Soul Group Decided To Experiment With There Own Infinite Power. They Would Come With Memory Of There Spiritual Origins Completely Wiped Out. So Many Different Stories Exist On Why We Decided To Do So But I'll Leave That For Another Writing. Within This Existence Countless Worlds, Realities, Universes & Beings Exist, Advanced Beings Who Have A Complete Understanding Of The Source From Which They Sprung. The Societies Of These Beings Flourish For They Are Spiritual In Nature & Merge That Spirit With Technology In Fact Everything Is In AccordanceWith Nature.  Peace & Harmony Are The Main Focus Of These Societies & Taking Care Of The Balance Of The Planet They may Inhabit. Even Now My Mind Is Trying To Grasp How Vast Creation Is But It's Difficult To Picture Infinity When you Are One Of The Infinite Possibilities. We Have To Come To An Understanding That We Are Not Alone In Creation & Then We Will Be Able To Expand Our Awareness Of What We Wake Up To Everyday.  We Also Have To Be Careful Of What We Buy Into Since Creation Is Unending It Is Easy For Us To Fall Into Stories That May Not Resonate With Our Energy. I Say If This Writing Does Not Feel Right Stop Reading Now. Our Meet With These Beings Isn't Far Off Most Of These Society's Have Been Watching & Monitoring Our Progress. Since Separation Of Any Kind Is An Illusion We Are Destined To Understand The Fairytale Like Existence We Inhabit & You Are The Most Vital Part Of This For Without Your Awareness Of Existence What Would Be? Without A Reader What Would This Blog Be ? Nothing ! It Is The Forgetful Souls That Are Coming To Awareness Of Themselves Thus An Expansion Of All That Is. It Is Beyond Our Earthly Troubles These Things Can And WILL Be Changed Just By You Coming To Awareness Of Your True Self The Infinite Exploring Soul Who Has Forgotten The Truth Of Existence Within An Illusionary Environment.