Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Cycle Of Death (Graduation)

As Human Beings We Often Fear Death, It Is Our Fear Of The Unknown That Troubles Us.  There Is No Way Of Telling When Our Time To Pass On Will Be. We Believe We Have No Clue Of What Happens When We Finally Do Go. Death Is The Passage To A New Dimension & The Graduation of The Soul From Its Earthly Travel. We Believe We Are Our Bodies And Cling To Them We Also Cling To The Illusion That If We Lose Our Bodies We Wont Exist Any Longer. We Are Energy & Energy Never Dies It Transforms It Evolves It Expands. It Is Our Mission On Earth To Make An Impact On All That We Come Into Contact With, I Am not Saying What the Impact Is Positive Or Negative No Labels Exist Within The Divine Plan We Are To Do All That We have Done Up Until This Moment. We Must Appreciate Every Moment Of This Life Every Single Person That We See No Matter What Our Illusionary Differences Are. Life Is Short Compared To Eternity & Eternal Is What We Are. Tell The People In Your life You love & Cherish Them Be The Love In Every Moment. Death Is A Dropping Of The Body & Releasing Of Your Spirit Your True Form The Infinite Being Beyond The Body And Beyond This Reality.

Fly In Peace Jimmy Mack