Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Path Of Ascension

As You Dig Deep Within Yourself What You Will Find Has Been Waiting For You Ever Since Your Birth IntoThis World. What You Will Find Is Your Very Self, An Innocent Being Of Pure Awareness , Unimaginable Creativity & Power Beyond The Being You Believed Yourself To Be. This Being Resides Within All Beings that Exist Controls & Regulates All That IS. To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Unconditional Love Within You One Must Go Beyond The World That You Grew To Know. The Mind Must Be Clear So That You Can Hear & Feel The Presence That Is Life It Self, In This Space You Will Recognize That Only One Life Exists With Multiple Beings Experiencing The One Life That Is. So Many Amazing Revelations Will Flow To & Through You Things That Will Take You On An Inward Adventure That The Physical World Cannot Compare To. You Will Discover The Inseparable Nature Of Life & The One Who Experiences Life You Will Begin To Go Beyond Body Consciousness All To Realize That You Are Consciousness Itself. The Stories Of Existence Is The Story Of Your Very Being For Without You The Witness Nothing Would Be. As The Revelations Flow In One Must Stay Grounded To The Planet They Inhabit , One Must Keep Very Close Ties To Nature & All It's Inhabitants. The Knowledge Of The Self Is Very Intense  Energetically & For One Who Is Not Grounded The Story Of Separation Can Creep In & Knock You Off Balance. The Road To Self Is A Solitary One , For The Seeker Is Surrounded By Other Parts Of Life That Perpetuate A Separate Story. Strength ,Honor , Courage & Dignity Are A Few Traits Of The Dedicated Seeker For They Know The Call Is Above & Beyond Everyday Struggles & Troubles A Reality That Is Pure Spirt Is Underlying It All. The Seeker Innerstands That The Search For A Hero Has Stopped With Them They Know That As They Grow So Does The Rest Of Life & The Illusion Of Separation Disappears 

- The Ascended Master MMT