Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fall Away

In A Great Gaze I Watch The Beautiful Mountains, I've Seen Them Plenty Of Times But It Is As If It Is New For Me. I Watch The People Going About The day, I've Also Seen This Many Times & Again It is Brand New For Me. To View The World With New Eyes Is the Greatest Gift you Can Give Yourself To View The Life On The Planet With Love & Compassion Gives You A Feeling Of Freedom, Freedom from Judgement Of Others & Yourself. By Allowing Things To Be Exactly As They Are & Bringing that Energy Of Acceptance To Every Situation You Make Room For People To Show The true Colors They Hold Within. When You Have No Need To Change The Outside World You Allow Yourself To Use Your Energy For All That You Wish To See In Your World, You Are no longer Worried About What Others May Think About Your Life Because You Know That Other Exist With You & Your life Will Be Viewed & Judge Regardless Of What You Do.  All The Illusions Fall Away Nothing Outside Of You Can Effect The Peace That Is Eternally Present. Your Life Is Your Message & Once You Allow The Illusions Of Others To Fall Away From Your Awareness A Freedom Returns & You Are Able To See Life From A Higher Perspective Much Higher Than One Who Allows Themselves To Be Influenced By The Negativity Of Others. This Is When The Leader Emerges Far Removed From The Masses Who Follow One Another & Question Nothing That Is Presented To There Awareness. These Brave Leaders Are Often Ridiculed And Made Fun Of For The View They Hold About Life. It Bothers The Leaders Not Because No Fear Is Present For they Are Backed By Truth & Truth Needs No Defense.   

-Ascended Master MMT