Saturday, July 5, 2014

Reprograming Pt. 2

We Have Been Running A Program That Has Been Passed Down To Us By Generations Before. As Each Generation Goes By The questions Regarding what Is Being Taught Increases In Volume As The Younger Generations Become More Conscious Of The Unconscious That Those Who Came Before Have Been Intrenched In.  The Sensitivity Of The New Generation Is So Profound In A World That Is Filled With An Obvious Disconnect From The Feeling Aspects Of Life. The Social Programing Has Become So Dramatic In Its Ways, A Literal Brain Washing Takes Place In Almost Every Area Of Life That One Looks. The Television Displays A Complete Reverse Of What Human Life Should Stand For, Day In & Day Out The Human Beings Are Shown A World Of Destruction, Inhumane Behavior, Separation Of All Kinds From Race, Religion, Sex & So Much More. It Is Now Time For The Human Race To Take Control Of What Is Being Propelled Towards Them In The Form Of Information. We Must Strengthen Our Connection With Our Species Our Planet & Most Importantly Our Source. We Can Not Continue To Stand For Misinformation & Things That Do Not Feel Right Morally. We Are A Highly Intelligent Species & We Are Capable Of Achieving Anything, Beyond Our Perceived Differences We Share This Planet & The Creation We Find Ourselves Inseparably Apart Of. Each & Everyone Of Us Must Look Deep Within Break Down The Invisible Walls We Built Between Ourselves As Well As The Planet & All It's Inhabitants. If Those Who Have Been In "Charge" Do not Take In Account Our Home Planet & All Life When Any Decision Is Made It Is Time For Them To Be Replaced Without Hesitation. Revolution Is Occurring As A Result Of The Evolution Of Not Only The Planet But The Universe & Creation As A Whole. The Information Is Public It Is Our Individual Duty To Research What Is Taking Place On The Planet Earth & Prepare Ourselves For This Inevitable Shift Of The Ages. Teach Love & Compassion To Our Children Despite What The Media & Television Displays To Them, In This Lies The Key To Reversing The Programming.