Saturday, July 5, 2014

Soul Identification/Timelines

The Soul Group That Has Come To The planet Earth Has Come With A Resume So Long That It Would Baffle The Conscious Mind Of That Very Soul In This Moment. The Worlds, Realities Dimensions & Timelines That These Souls Have Come From Hold Wisdom & Knowing From The Source Directly. This Moment Of Earth Reality Is But One Reality Out Of The Infinite That These Souls Have Traveled. Since Very Few human Souls Consciously Understand The Nature Of The Soul And The Fact That They Are That Being  Most Information Regarding Reality Flies Right Past Them. Souls That Identify With The Body Vehicle Can't Fathom The Vast Nature Of The Soul;  Timeless, Formless , Spaceless Projectionist That Has Created This Very Experience. The New Age that We Have Entered Has Ushered In The Return Of Soul Identification, This Has Unimaginable Effects On Reality Seeing How The Soul Again Has Had Countless Experiences. We Are Now In Position To Channel In Timelines From Our Souls Travels. This Energy Or Information Has Not Been Available To The Humans In There Unconscious State Of Being.  Synchronicity's Symbolize The Fact That All Things Happen At Once All Possibilities, Outcomes , Timelines, Dimensions & Universes, All Here & Now Because Again The Soul Is Beyond Time & Projects It's Being Into Any Particular Reality It Chooses . This Reality We Are In Is The Most Difficult In Creation It Is So Dense In Its Nature That As Souls We Often Have An Extremely Hard Time Dealing, None The Less This Is The Hardest Experience In Creation So If You Are Reading This You Are One Of The Strongest Souls That Has Ever Been & Your Destiny Is Beyond Your Current Understanding.