Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Ground Of Being

    It is one thing to study physics or to contemplate spirit but to see the tangible results of the inward work is absolutely mind blowing. I've personally been experiencing a reality where it feels as if the whole of creation is right by my side watching, whispering & cheering me on to Awakening. The more one experiences the profound stillness of their inner being they begin to feel & understand on a conscious level that the 3D universal reality is an illusion. Not only is the 3D reality an illusion it is a result of the observer itself. Believing is truly seeing in this reality, most of what IS can not been seen with the human eyes & dances around us as we go about our daily lives. 
    From what I've experienced creation is truly infinite, what the observer perceives & believes about reality will become a tangible experience. Now as the observer you have decided to enter a reality where you would completely forget this fact of your own being. you'll think to yourself well I was born & I have a mom & dad that can prove this, I also live in a world filled with people and a planet with a rich history, This is true within your mind but you have to use your mind to ponder all of this & your mind is precisely what I believe is creating this experience. 
  I often tell people to try and think of a world before they were born, with all the history that we've been passed down it may be easy to hold a mental picture of what may have been but if you really contemplate on this something in you will stir. What could have been before you ? Who saw the sights & who heard the sounds? Those who may be physically older may say "well, I did" but again you are seeing them & they are resorting to the mind to "remember" that "time".  Physics tells us that physical reality is made up of energy & truly has no solidity in yet we experience what seems to be an objective physical world, how is this so? Our conscious awareness is said to be responsible for collapsing the energy into what we see as physicality. Consciousness is the "Ground Of Being" it contains all possibilities, unites all the forces of nature & contains within itself what we call "space" & "time". Consciousness is self aware, intelligent & extremely creative all things that we see emerge from consciousness. 
  Consciousness is in & of itself again all things spring from this one entity this one creative source. Us as "Human Beings" have given our own spin on what is but again that is the nature of infinity, the more we have tried to understand what we are in the more we have "created" for ourselves it's truly amazing. The higher experiences of consciousness are just now being explored from the space/time perspective of the human consciousness, but again Time&Space are qualities of conciseness and is not the ultimate reality just an experience within the ultimate. This has already happened according to what we have discovered about the nature of consciousness, as we continue to go deeper into our own being it will feel more like a remembering than anything else. The point of this writing is to help the reader remember that they in fact are consciousness & the creator of this & all of reality seeing how consciousness is the fountain head of all that is. One should research consciousness, what it is & what it means in relationship to them. Allow your mind to open up to this interpretation of the creator that we give many names & many diverse descriptions, you will see that it's all pointing in your direction.