Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If The Feelings Right

We Know When Something feels Right & When It's The Complete Opposite. As We Go Through Life We Tend To Use Our Minds To Make Decisions, Solve Problems So On & On. I Strongly Believe That It Is Not The Mind Which Knows The Answer To Our Perceived Problems It is Our Heart. If We Were To Feel Our Way Through Life We Would Live A Whole Different Life Style. Think About The Times When You Felt Something Was Wrong But Your Mind Justifies It And You Engage Anyway. For Example You Were Invited To A Party, Your Heart Gives Your Body A Feeling That You Don't Quite Understand With Your Mind But You Know Something Doesn't Feel Right. As You Weigh Your Options Your Mind Will Try And Convince You Nothing's Wrong & That you Should Attend This Gathering Despite The feeling You've Gotten. When You Attend The Party Something Happens That Confirms The Feeling That You Had Previously. You Knew Within Your Heart It Was Wrong But The Mind Steps In & Dictates What Moves You make. Our Heart Is The Key to our Intuition. Our Heart Knows Our Strongest Desires & Our  Deepest Despair. The Heart Knows The Oneness Of All Life & Can Lead You To All That You Have Ever Wished To Experience. The Mind Cannot Fathom Oneness It Runs Based On What Is Seen & What The Perceived Facts Are. The Mind Sees Only Separation It's Information Coming From The Realm Of The Senses. The Heart is Based In The Unseen The Heart Communicates With The Stuff This World Is Made Of. We know The Feelings We Get From The Heart Most Of Us Ignore These Feelings Claiming That Nothing Confirms These Feelings So Nothing Is Backing Them. Believing Is Seeing And To Believe In The Heart Is To Believe In A Unseen Force That Prompts Us To Serve One Another, Connect , Grow & Build With One Another While The Mind Sees Separation & Competition. If Only We Followed Our Hearts We Would For Sure See A Heart Filled Planet And Make This Earth Proud Of The Only Species That Can Make Sense Of All Of This.