Friday, June 6, 2014

Beyond Sense Perception

Our Perception of Reality Is Based On Our Senses What We See,Taste, Hear & Feel But A Reality Exists Underneath What Our senses Dictate. Our Body Resonates With The Frequency Of this Reality In Order For Us As Souls To Interact With It.  Our True Essence Is What This Reality Is Made Of A Non Material Non local Entity That Is Able To Create Within Itself & Experience That Which It Has Created. An Energetic Reality Underneath The Physical Is What Governs All Life & All Creation. We See Buildings , Cars ,People , Places & Things But Again That's What Our Senses Are Telling Us But In Truth These Things Are Energy Or Information If You Will. The Bodies We Inhabit Decode This Energy Or Information Into What We See As A Car Or The Sound Of A Train. The Vibration Of The Viewer Will Determine What Can Be Decoded & How What's Decoded Is Perceived. All In All We Do Not See What Is Truly Around Us Only What Our Bodies Allows Us To Decode Out Of The Infinite Energy & Information Available, The More You Raise Your Personal Vibration The More You Are Able To Decode Thus Enhancing Your Overall Experience.  There Has Been A Pull In life That Called My Name , The Feelings Were There But None Of The Structures Of Society Confirmed What I Had Felt. I knew That Something More Existed In The World Around Me. This Is The unseen World Of Spirit / Energy Or Infinite Potential That Us In The Physical Return To After Death & WhenWe Sleep. What's So Beautiful About These Moments In human History Is That We Are Returning To This World In our Physical Bodies Imagine That ! Full Potential & Creation once Again At Our Finger Tips.