Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reprograming Pt. 1

Our Minds Have been Bombarded With Information Since The Day We Were Born, For A Growing Human Being It is Extremely Easy To Be Influenced By What You Are Exposed To. I Observe The Children As They Completely Mirror The Influences That Are Around Them. This Observation Has Gotten Me To Question All That I have Been Told In my Life From The Information, The People , Places Things & All That Has Come From These Things. Generation After Generation Ways Of being Are Passed Down With little To No Questioning Of What Is Being Handed To Us. This is A Literal Programing That Continues To Be Played Over & Over Again. We Learn About Society , How To Fit in To It The Structures & What Roles They Play As Well As The Role We Supposedly Play. These Are All Illusions A Kind Of Robotic Programing. If One Is Not Aware Of This They Can Easily Fall Into Any Influence That Presents It Self. A Reprograming Is Needed So That We May Think For Ourselves & Use Our Inner World To Take In Or Discard Any Information. We Have To Change Our Ways Of Thinking & Stop Perpetuating The Same Cycles We Were Taught.  We Cannot Continue To Follow These Things So Blindly We Have The Ability To Think For Ourselves , To Experience Life Learn & Grow From Those Very Experiences. It is When We Ignore Our Inner Thoughts & Look For Answers From The Outside World That We Feel Lost, Confused & Frustrated. Our Thought Process Is Hardly our Own We Are So Influenced On How To live Life That It Can Feel As If We Have Absolutely No Control & If One Does Not Have Control Of What They Think They Will Not Have Control Of There Lives. Thoughts That We Continuously Think Replay In our Minds Day In & Day Out Effecting How We Perceive & React To Life's Inevitable Happenings. If Only We Could Change Our Thoughts We Would Change All That We Come Into Contact With How We React & Approach Life.  A Reprograming Is In Order.