Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update In The NOW Heaven On Earth

The Realities & Worlds That I Have Been Able To Visit During Meditation  Has Shown Me The Great Disconnect That My Human Family Has Decided To Endure. These Realities Are Filled With Love, Light , Harmony & An Overall Understanding Of Our Oneness. I Sit & Observe The Actions Of My Human Family In Comparison To The Realities I've Visited & See It Is Our Disconnect From Our Home Planet That Has taken Our Minds For A Momentary Spin. These Other Worlds/Realities Are mirrors Of What Our Planet Can & Will Become I Am Lovingly Shown The Potential Of The Human Species & Our Evolution. Our Origins Are in Spirit Full Potential & Understanding Of Our Mission Upon This Planet & In This Particular Universe.  From What I've Personally Experienced All Of Creation Is In Attendance As Not Only The Human Race Awakens But The Whole Entire Planet & Universe.  We Are So loved And Guided In Every Moment As We Continue This Divine & Unbelievable Mission Of Ascension. These Beings Are Not In Higher Positions Than We Are For We Are One & Equally Important In This Divine Plan So I Stress Do Not See Any Being As Higher Or lower Than You We Are All The Same Source Equal In loves Name. As The Information Of Our Evolution Continues To Surface This Reality Will Continue To Shift This Is Inevitable & Can Not Be Stopped, Energy/Information Is Being Channeled Into The Planet By The First Wave Of Ascended Beings & Those That Are Following Suit. As The Energy Or Vibration Of The Planet Increases So Does The Need For Every Inhabitant On The Planet To Do The Same. Everything Is Energy & We Have The Chance To Either Raise Or Lower Our Energy In Every Moment. The Foods We Eat The Thoughts We Think The Actions We Take & Conversations We Engage In ALL Of This Is Energy. The Planet Is Calling for Us To Raise Our Vibration In love Seeing How Love Is The Highest Of All Energy. This Planet Has Not Been Exposed To This Type Of Energy In Eons Which Explains Our Limited Conscious Understanding. As I Said Before If We Aren't Exposed To Higher Energy We Won't Receive Higher Knowing. Time Is Continuing To Speed Up Seeing how Time How Time Is An Illusion Of The 3rd Dimension, For Those That Work Hard & Are Still Time Oriented These Times May Be Extremely Stressful & Demanding. I Say Be At Peace As Much As You Can Trust Your Intuition For It Is Guidance From You Higher Self.  So much Will Transpire In This Moment Of Awakening Lies ,Corruption & So Much More Will Continue To Be Exposed All Of This Is To Occur Now. In All This A Paradise Awaits As We Graduate From Our Earthly Travels As We Know it Create Our Personal Heaven On Earth & Show The Rest Of Creation What It Truly Means To Be A Human Being.