Monday, April 25, 2016

My Soul

Peace to you my soul, I wish to speak to you directly about your journey through physicality. You have been through so much up until this moment but this moment is where I wish for you to stay. My soul we have built a reality that supplies the sensation of separation , time & space but we know intuitively that we exist beyond these perceivable experiences. you have gained much wisdom in this lifetime, you have encountered situations & circumstances that have tested your faith in what you've been lead to believe about reality. All this has been by design, the outer world has been a mirror that when perceived correctly will direct you to your internal world. The plan was to experience situations that would make you question yourself , your beliefs & sense purpose. As a human it was natural to look "Out There" for all the answers, endowed with limit senses that only pick up a fraction of the information that is Life. Let down after let down, failure upon failure pushed us to the edges of darkness, what will it take for you to see me ? My soul I live in the books ! I have manifested as the people that populate your world & the situations that plague your mind. Now you see that we have lived as double, both the reader & the writer so why do you hide ? There is truly no where else to be but within me. - MoonManT (I Am presence)