Monday, April 25, 2016

The Return Of Paradise

It Is extremely important to understand the speed in which the golden age has & will continue to return. Since 2012 when the age of Aquarius began the shift in this earth reality has been swift, Dramatic & planet changing. The awareness of all human beings has raised to such a degree that the very structure of reality has changed. The new age Will bring a complete change in what we understand as everyday reality. New governance will be put in place to replace the old fear based systems, The banking systems Federal reserve & all things that have to do with currency will been completely reset. All Debt Will Be Forgiven and a distribution of the planets true wealth will be put into play immediately. It is time for us as human beings to stand up for our planet & we have the chance right here & right now. The energy that is currently coming into our planet & all it's inhabitants is the energy of the ALL these times will be trying but we are extremely powerful beings nothing will ever be able to change that. Those who read these words are the ones who are here to make a difference on this planet & in all of creation simply by becoming aware of who you are & why you are truly here. This is all divinely guided by forces that are not yet visible to us in this realm so hold no fear this is occurring regardless of anything that may try to interfere. Nothing can truly stop the divine will of god it's truly just made to look that way. Meditate as often as possible, drink much water, pray & be grateful for your time on the planet earth for in these moments history is being made beyond what we can comprehend. Our freedom is assured in the grand scheme of things so look beyond what you see & hear, know that all is perfect & a divine plan is underway this will keep you centered at peace & filled with joy. 

Until we speak again ,

                            Ascended Master MMT