Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Behold A New Earth

Did you know that the earth loves you with the heart of god, she created the vessel you wear in this lifetime so it's safe to say she knows what we need for healing. Beyond our personal drive for accomplishments we are here to heal ourselves & others so that we are able to embrace the greater community within the Multiverse. You are not alone ! Think of the earth like a human being she is ALIVE , aware & EXTREMLY intelligent she wishes to be loved and understood & when she is not she lashes out ! And what we call natural disastrous occur. She has so much life to her & such a loving spirit. Earth houses countless amounts of life ranging from bacteria life forms to the human intelligent form & all in betweens.The human beings have been experiencing themselves as somehow separate from the very entity that created it, how can this be so ? The Level of awareness within the collective of the human race has been very "low" for eons of time & we are NOW becoming far more aware of ourselves & our world than ever before. If you wish to strengthin your connection with your home world simply intend on it & the universal mind will create situations where you will be able to do so. Get out Into nature & feel the truth no one can feel it for you I assure you. What you are reading is a channel of the information that I have gathered from countless time in nature. The planet speaks through the medium of thought & when one is clear of mind chatter they can sense & hear the call of the great planet earth. Shhh listen.