Monday, July 21, 2014

The Innocence Of You

Gods love for you is beyond any faults that you can think of, in this earth experience we are exposed to so much violence, hatred, anger & acts that are completely Inhumane. To understand why such things occur in life's everyday experiences we must take a look deep into the nature of what it is we are actively participating in. From my perspective we are participating in one of, if not the most difficult experience that a soul can endure I would like to stress the word EXPERIENCE because this is exactly what it is. God is a timeless infinite being that experiences itself in more ways than we can fathom this experience being one such experience. Infinity is a word we throw around but don't really comprehend what it means, it is exactly how it sounds infinite, forever, all possibilities, all probable outcomes & experiences. This earthly experience is like a test in gods ability to forget itself within itself and then come back to its awareness of  all that it truly is. We are inseparable parts of that source & are experiences of it , all that we have seen & done has been for the advancement of gods infinite creation. As souls we travel through creation experiencing a multitude of life, in most parts of creation these life forms are aware of there soul & There source & live in Harmony with all of creation. We are fast approaching an awakening not only in the human soul group but within the planet, universe & all of creation. The energy that is coming into the planet is the energy of creation the energy of love. It is time to forgive ourselves & others to begin to view ourselves as the timeless beings we are, it is time for us to become aware of our soul & source from which everything has sprung. This is inevitable has been predicted & prophesied for as long as we can recall.  You are loved more than you can imagine and nothing can change this, peace will be you greatest friend in these times for your faith & resolve Will be tested like never before but do not fear you have so much help my loves so much guidance . This is my mission on the planet earth for I am a being who has come to the awareness of god within & our timeless nature. We are all in truth spirit and know much more than we remember , we have a family that stretches further than our minds will allow us to grasp & they are fully aware of what is taking place on the planet at this time. You will forever be an innocent being let nothing you see hear or think ever change this knowing, I love you God loves you creation loves you 

- MMT 

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Presence Of God

When we are in each other's presence just know that that very presence we share is god itself. So beloved how could I not love you ? How could I not love the way the sky flies with Grace or how the deer stares with curiosity how you wander through life full of hopes, dreams & fear. What makes us so different from one another? besides the stories we bring to moment, these stories are but plays in our world they hold only the value we project upon them. We have forgotten our value, the mighty human soul group who have come to remember. Our beautiful planet is raising it's vibration to the level of the spirit realms where we all originate. Be at peace in your world my beautiful souls all is One & all is well.

- The Ascended Master MMT 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Soul Identification/Timelines

The Soul Group That Has Come To The planet Earth Has Come With A Resume So Long That It Would Baffle The Conscious Mind Of That Very Soul In This Moment. The Worlds, Realities Dimensions & Timelines That These Souls Have Come From Hold Wisdom & Knowing From The Source Directly. This Moment Of Earth Reality Is But One Reality Out Of The Infinite That These Souls Have Traveled. Since Very Few human Souls Consciously Understand The Nature Of The Soul And The Fact That They Are That Being  Most Information Regarding Reality Flies Right Past Them. Souls That Identify With The Body Vehicle Can't Fathom The Vast Nature Of The Soul;  Timeless, Formless , Spaceless Projectionist That Has Created This Very Experience. The New Age that We Have Entered Has Ushered In The Return Of Soul Identification, This Has Unimaginable Effects On Reality Seeing How The Soul Again Has Had Countless Experiences. We Are Now In Position To Channel In Timelines From Our Souls Travels. This Energy Or Information Has Not Been Available To The Humans In There Unconscious State Of Being.  Synchronicity's Symbolize The Fact That All Things Happen At Once All Possibilities, Outcomes , Timelines, Dimensions & Universes, All Here & Now Because Again The Soul Is Beyond Time & Projects It's Being Into Any Particular Reality It Chooses . This Reality We Are In Is The Most Difficult In Creation It Is So Dense In Its Nature That As Souls We Often Have An Extremely Hard Time Dealing, None The Less This Is The Hardest Experience In Creation So If You Are Reading This You Are One Of The Strongest Souls That Has Ever Been & Your Destiny Is Beyond Your Current Understanding. 

- MMT 

Reprograming Pt. 2

We Have Been Running A Program That Has Been Passed Down To Us By Generations Before. As Each Generation Goes By The questions Regarding what Is Being Taught Increases In Volume As The Younger Generations Become More Conscious Of The Unconscious That Those Who Came Before Have Been Intrenched In.  The Sensitivity Of The New Generation Is So Profound In A World That Is Filled With An Obvious Disconnect From The Feeling Aspects Of Life. The Social Programing Has Become So Dramatic In Its Ways, A Literal Brain Washing Takes Place In Almost Every Area Of Life That One Looks. The Television Displays A Complete Reverse Of What Human Life Should Stand For, Day In & Day Out The Human Beings Are Shown A World Of Destruction, Inhumane Behavior, Separation Of All Kinds From Race, Religion, Sex & So Much More. It Is Now Time For The Human Race To Take Control Of What Is Being Propelled Towards Them In The Form Of Information. We Must Strengthen Our Connection With Our Species Our Planet & Most Importantly Our Source. We Can Not Continue To Stand For Misinformation & Things That Do Not Feel Right Morally. We Are A Highly Intelligent Species & We Are Capable Of Achieving Anything, Beyond Our Perceived Differences We Share This Planet & The Creation We Find Ourselves Inseparably Apart Of. Each & Everyone Of Us Must Look Deep Within Break Down The Invisible Walls We Built Between Ourselves As Well As The Planet & All It's Inhabitants. If Those Who Have Been In "Charge" Do not Take In Account Our Home Planet & All Life When Any Decision Is Made It Is Time For Them To Be Replaced Without Hesitation. Revolution Is Occurring As A Result Of The Evolution Of Not Only The Planet But The Universe & Creation As A Whole. The Information Is Public It Is Our Individual Duty To Research What Is Taking Place On The Planet Earth & Prepare Ourselves For This Inevitable Shift Of The Ages. Teach Love & Compassion To Our Children Despite What The Media & Television Displays To Them, In This Lies The Key To Reversing The Programming.