Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Great Travelers Pt. 1

Imagine Going Back In Time And Changing The Corse Of history ! Imagine going on a magical ride where you could create a new world of your dreams and live as if you are in a fairy tale ! Well you should sit down, your going to want to hear this. You Reading This Right Now At This Moment Are Doing Every Single Thing I Listed Above. I Believe That We Are Soul Travlers From A Another Realm Where Time Is Not A Factor & Neither Is Space. I Believe That We Have Come Back To These Moments To Remember This Fact & Wake Up To A Magical Journey  Where We Become Fully Aware Of Our Spiritual Origins. We Have Been Living In A Very Low Energitic Envoirnment Thus We Have Not Been Exposed To Higher Vibratory Information Or Reality. These Energetic Realms Are Much Higher In Vibration So As A Being/Planet or Collective Raises In Vibration Reality Becomes More Lucid And & They Raise To The Level Of The Realms That Are Timeless & Spaceless Where All Exists Already. Since We Are The Being That Is Timeless & Spaceless (The Soul/Higher Self) And We Are Here Experincing Time Which Is An Illusion Of The Lower Vibrations Of Gods Infinite Energy Manifested In Seeming Physical Form, We Are Back In "Time" !  From Where We Are In This Now We Don't See True Reality Only A Lower Vibratory Interpetation Of The Sources Energy. In The higher Vibration There Are Beings That We Can't See Other Soul Travelers That Exist Beyond Time & Space ! We Are Often Wondering If We Are Alone, We Have Never Been But these Beings Are Able To Show Them Selves At Will. Don't Freak Out On Me, We Are Souls In The Lower Energy Of Physicality Playing As Human Beings. These Other Soul Beings Are Having Other Experiences In Higher Vibrations As Other Types Of Species Some Physical & Some None Physical ! These Beings Are Able To Communicate With Us Via Telepathy & Help Shape The Earthly Beings Experience So That All Goes According To The Divine Plan. Welcome Back Great Travelers To Creation Your Creation - MMT